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TV and Movie Streaming - What device wins?

I've long been a proponent of the contraptions that Roku makes to watch TV and movies from the Internet. Roku devices hook up to your TV either via an HDMI cable or via the old school video/audio cables. They are very user friendly. They are small so they don't take up a lot of room in your TV area (in fact, I have some hanging from the back of our wall-mounted TVs so you don't see them at all.) They are easy to set up. They support tons of channels including favorites like Netflix, HuluPlus, HBOGo, Amazon Video and hundreds more.

Five Prognostications about Great Tech for Older Adults

Here are five prognostications about great tech for older adult usage.
  • Content anywhere/everywhere;
  • Few early adopters amongst the Boomer+ set;
  • Tablets are here to stay as the fourth screen; 
  • He who builds the product that needs the least support will win. 
  • Older adults are vital, active, regular people (most of the time.)

Born this Way: The 50+ Folks are Digital Immigrants & Innocents

Seniors are entering into the digital world. But, we still need to help many older adults understand why those newfangled iPads are a worthy replacement for their 10-year-old computer. We need to show them how cool and useful Skype is and then give them all the pointers they need to download, configure, find contacts and actually use Skype. We need to encourage the innocents to touch the iPad, to poke the Teliken, or to give their Presto email address to their friends and relatives. Those of us who have the wherewithal to help must do so. Otherwise, the digital divide will hurt or kill our friends and family through isolation. And, we can’t let that happen.