Our insight and thought leadership tie together critical Internet-oriented project plans and the people and resources needed to deliver them. In particular, Aldea is keenly interested in pioneering ways to make new Internet technologies relevant to the varying needs of divergent communities - rural, older adults, the disenfranchised. Our principal consultant, Susan Estrada, will work with you to develop a sensible, cost-efficient consulting contract that gets to the heart of your opportunity.

Here's what they are saying about Susan Estrada on LinkedIn.

"Susan has a deep understanding of Internet technologies, Internet policy, and the politics of the Internet. She's been working in this field for more than 20 years and over that time has built a very impressive, broad, and diverse network of key players in both the commercial and non-profit Internet sectors. She's creative, articulate, and a joy to work with." - Michael Nelson
" Susan Estrada has a solid ground in the Internet. Her technical background combined with her business skills makes her a perfect board member, manager or business partner. Susan is well organized and a strategic thinker. Combine that with a sense for reality and understanding of the shortcomings of the human being and you will find a person who is always supportive and tries to solve problems to the best for the organization." Eva Frolich
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